Jesse I. Kaczmarski

About me

I am a 5th year Ph.D. candidate at the The University of New Mexico's Department of Economics. My research focuses on grid modernization in the United States. I use primary and secondary data to examine questions around residential consumer adoption of SMART technologies, and how capacity additions impact generation and emissions at the wholesale market level.

At UNM, I am a long-term research assistant with the New Mexico SMART Grid Center. My primary research focuses on original survey design, collection, and analysis for various dimensions of demand response and smart grid adoption in the Southwest. My most recent work focuses on the development of a benefit-cost framework for evaluating community micogrid installations, and determining how various household characteristics predict load attributes calculated from high resolution smart meter data.

Research Interests:

  • Electricity Markets and Power Infrastructure

  • Smart Grid Adoption

  • Customer Dimensions of Demand Response

  • Contingent Valuation